The sun will come out domani.


As I mentioned in my last post, rain has been plentiful here in Rome. We are going on day 8. The italians say this isn’t normal but I just can’t wait for it to stop, I NEED DAT VITAMIN D! It’s hard to explore when its so dreary, especially because the first few days we were here it was gorgeous making our initial expectations high.

I don’t know whats worse, getting wet or avoiding the umbrella men. The umbrella men (…the men who walk around and sell umbrellas) are abundant–literally around every corner–and very persistent. I am their perfect victim walking around in my wool jacket with no hood. The worst is when they follow behind me for a block thinking I will change my mind. At this point I am much too stubborn to give in and buy an umbrella from one of them, so until I make it to an actual store wet hair it will be.

But I feel it is hardly fair to complain about the weather when all of my Wisconsonites are facing below zero temperatures.

Besides the weather, Rome has continued to treat me quite nicely. I officially ate my first Italian breakfast, croissant and a cappuccino, and it was delicious of course. Us americans are used to a more sustainable breakfast and you may ask how a drink and a small croissant can give you energy for the day…two words: WHOLE MILK. I cringe at the thought, but unless you hit it big and find the rare cafe that has “il latte scremato” (skim milk) that unnaturally creamy substance is what you are stuck with. I also found out that ordering any form of coffee drink–other than expresso of course– after 12:00 is a dead american giveaway.

Looks like Ma and Pa are officially coming to Italy! I cannot wait!

Looks like Ma and Pa are officially coming to Italy! I cannot wait!

The other night I was talking to my dad and he was asking me all about the italian people–what they think of us americans, if they are kind when we can’t speak italian, if they ask about our politics (of course) etc. After this conversation I was really motivated to avoid some of the bars and restaurants that fill up with Americans and study abroad students and it has been great! My favorite nights so far are when we sit and chat with local italians–always leads to some funny conversations. For example, the other night a man came up to us at the bar and asked how long we had been in Italy. He spoke great english and we ended up talking to him all night and playing some very competitive foosball of course (Scott you would have been disappointed in my performance).  I later jokingly asked him if he knew we American by our looks, and I will never forget his answer.. he said it wasn’t how we looked or dressed, but rather how excited we were about everything–not sure if it is an american thing or a Kelly thing but apparently I wear my emotions on my sleeve a little more than the italians.

Friends don’t let friends drink & blog.

I found this on my computer this morning and had to take a screen shot before I erased it. After drinking one (or five) glasses of wine last night apparently I thought it was a good time to start a new blog post. As Hemingway said…”Write drunk, edit sober.”

^This is all very true, just not said very eloquently.

Foto Del Giorno


Pizza Vegetariana-Tonights pizza was the best I've tried so far!

Pizza Vegetariana-Tonights pizza was the best I’ve tried so far!



Our new friend Claudio who taught us a lot about Italy while sipping on a new favorite drink that has freshly chopped ginger and cucumber in it. I never want a mixed drink from Mondays ever again.



Shout out to all the haters who told me I wouldn’t be able to find peanut butter in Europe.


Today it sunk in that I actually don't have to leave this place. I love my new home.

Today it sunk in that I actually don’t have to leave this place. I love my new home.

It’s 2:00am here as I lie in bed and write. Tomorrow morning I have a presentation for my multicultural negotiations course(..which I have yet to practice) and then its off to the airport! I am embarking on my first weekend of travels and headed to Amsterdam with three other girls. We have our hostel booked, a tour of the city scheduled for friday, and tickets for the Anne Frank Museum on Sunday. Besides that we will be roaming the city and checking out all of the places our friends have recommended.

Get ready for pictures of a new city!



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